Good Deed: #258 Value woman, Read Surah Mujadila – The Woman who Pleads

SURA 58. Mujadila, or The Woman who Pleads
1. Allah has indeed heard [and accepted] the statement of the woman who pleads with thee concerning her husband and carries her complaint [in prayer] to Allah: and Allah [always] hears the arguments between both sides among you: for Allah hears and sees [all things].

2. If any men among you divorce their wives by Zihar [calling them mothers], they cannot be their mothers: None can be their mothers except those who gave them birth. And in fact they use words [both] iniquitous and false: but truly Allah is one that blots out [sins], and forgives [again and again].
3. But those who divorce their wives by Zihar, then wish to go back on the words they uttered,- [It is ordained that such a one] should free a slave before they touch each other: Thus are ye admonished to perform: and Allah is well- acquainted with [all] that ye do.

4. And if any has not [the wherewithal], he should fast for two months consecutively before they touch each other. But if any is unable to do so, he should feed sixty indigent ones, this, that ye may show your faith in Allah and His Messenger. Those are limits [set by] Allah. For those who reject [Him], there is a grievous Penalty.

5. Those who resist Allah and His Messenger will be humbled to dust, as were
those before them: for We have already sent down Clear Signs. And the
Unbelievers [will have] a humiliating Penalty,-

6. On the Day that Allah will raise them all up [again] and show them the Truth
[and meaning] of their conduct. Allah has reckoned its [value], though they may
have forgotten it, for Allah is Witness to all things.

Sheikh Mishary Rashid Alafasy Surah Mujadilah


1. This surah was revealed from above the seventh heaven to restore the rights of the women in what can be translated as, ““Indeed Allah has heard the statement of she (Khaulah bint Tha‘‘labah) who disputes with you (O Muhammad) concerning her husband (Aus bin As-Sâmit), and complains to Allah. And Allah hears the arguments between you both. Verily, Allah is All-Hearer, All- Seer.”” (TMQ, 58:1).
Can you see the real value of women in Islam? This woman was arguing with the Prophet (SAWS), yet this surah was named after her, isn’t that a privilege? Then the verdict of Allah was revealed from above the seventh heaven restoring her right back to her

2.  It defends a woman being subjected to injustice in the most intimate situation of her marital life. This was done for two reasons:

  • The first requirement for “belonging” is a strong solid family capable of preserving society’s connection with the religion.
  • Acknowledging the value of women and giving them their rights intensify their love for Islam and their feelings of belonging to it. Consequently this encourages them to spread these feelings to the whole community.
3.  Which side are you on? The party of Allah or that of Shaytan (Satan)? Who is your real ally?    Muslims should unite in the party of Allah, and belong to it; they should strongly and clearly reject Satan’s party. This way we will have achieved the objective of the surah and become among those who prosper, insha Allah (if Allah wills).
4. The surah warns us from those who wear masks to hide their real faces, they are the hypocrites. They are the hidden threat that can jeopardize our brotherhood and unity
5. The surah is stressing the endless knowledge of Allah and His realization of everything. This is meant to let you know that Allah knows the secret and what is even beyond, so you would have no allies but Muslims, not even in your thoughts.
6. It started with relating the incident of a woman who complained about her husband to the Messenger of Allah (SAWS) and how Islam restored her rights, and ended by raising a question: You, reader of the Qur’an, which side are you on? We ask Allah (SWT) to grant us full membership in His religion.


source: Amr Khaled


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  1. Yasmin says:

    Mashallah, those who criticize Islam about women’s rights should read this surah to see that Islam truly does give women their rights!

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