Good Deed: #6 Plant a tree

Good deed #6 Plant a tree

27:60 (Y. Ali) Or, Who has created the heavens and the earth, and Who sends you down rain from the sky? Yea, with it We cause to grow well-planted orchards full of beauty of delight: it is not in your power to cause the growth of the trees in them. (Can there be another) god besides Allah. Nay, they are a people who swerve from justice.

The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) is reported to have said, “Whenever Muslims plant a tree, they will earn the reward of charity because of the food that comes from it; and likewise what is stolen from it, what the wild beasts eat out of it, what the birds eat out of it, and what people take from it is charity for them” (Muslim:2904).

The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) is also reported to have said, “Muslims will always earn the reward of charity for planting a tree, sowing a crop and then birds, humans, and animals eat from it” (Bukhari 3: :39:513).

Action Plan

1. Start a fruit tree waqf campaign in your area for the poor e.g. Sanzaf fruit tree waqf

2. Plant a tree in your home and teach your children. How to plant a  tree?

3. Introduce the teaching of planting and harvesting  trees in your local school. Donate all the produce to charity.

4. Donate a tree – Find an organisation in your area e.g. Food & Trees for Africa

5. Start a greening committee in your area and get the community involved in beautifying your neighbourhood. e.g. LEGG

NB:  Always remember when doing a good deed, have the correct intention/niyyah, do it for Allah’s pleasure with sincerity.  May all our good deeds be accepted. InshaAllah.

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  1. fawziyyah says:

    ALLAHU AKBAR!!!!!!!!!!

  2. abdullah Salamov says:

    Allahu akbar waw cant believe it ive seen alot of trees like this….that pretty cool

  3. Aiman Wajdhee says:

    Allah Akbar

  4. Kamardeen says:

    Allah is so merciful….. This is just like a bonanza…..allahu akbar

  5. Asad says:

    Allah o Akbar! Subhanallah. This is true symbol when Allah says in Quran, ” We have symbols for them in this universe who think and see”.

  6. iqraa says:


  7. beth says:

    Salaam are there good Islamic based organizations that you could recommend that grows tree? I am l.ooking for such organizations

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