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About My Arabic Alphabet

My Arabic Alphabet tool helps  teach you recognition of the Arabic alphabet in it’s different forms.  Arabic letters take different forms depending on where they appear in a word. The forms are:   full letter form; starting  letter form; middle letter form and ending letter form. Colour coding  the letters helps learners identify the arabic letters in it’s various forms.


  • Arabic  alphabet learning material
  • Computer or Mobile tablet with internet connection
  •  Parent or teacher supervision for young children

How to play my Arabic Alphabet
1. Get the learning material  you are using to learn the arabic alphabet
2. Choose the word or letter in the book

3. Rebuild the word using this tool

4. Choose the letter and drag it into the middle blocks.

5. Choose the signs and either place them depending on the word in the top or bottom boxes.

6. Check if the word in the book and the tool match


To learn to recognise the Arabic Alphabet in it’s different forms

my Arabic alphabet

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