Widowed Muslim Ramadan Hamper Campaign

Please note no cash will be collected                                                     About Widowed Muslim Widowed Muslims was an initiative started in 2011, after Fahmeedah became a widow at a young age, walking the […]

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Challenge: 1 Million Salawat by Muharram for the love of Muhammad(SAW)

The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said, “If one sends me blessings once, Almighty Allah will send him tenfold blessings, forgive him ten sins, and elevate him ten degrees.”     Muharram Salawat Challenge updated 2 Muharram 1433   1024184 count is updated manually daily (unless you have a suggestion to automate this. […]

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After Masjid Makeover: Grasmere South Africa

  In February 2010 we challenged the world to clean up their masjids and started the Masjid Makeover Challenge. here is our attempt at the Masjid Makeover. MASJID MAKEOVER VIDEO .   February 2012 BEFORE MASJID MAKEOVER AFTER MASJID MAKEOVER February 2011 Alhamdulillah we have completed our Masjid Makeover in Grasmere South Africa. JazakaAllah to all […]

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Before Masjid Makeover: Grasmere South Africa

February 2010 – Majid Makeover Alhamdulillah we are complete with the masjid makeover. We only require equipment to start a cooking class at the centre. Prophet(SAW) said: “Whosoever shares in building a masjid for Allah, even if it is as small as a bird’s nest, Allah (S.W.T.) will build for him a house in Paradise.” […]

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Challenge:Masjid Makeover

Logo by RDLB  Clue: Good Deed: #39 Clean a masjid and  Good Deed: #38 Build a masjid GOALS AND INTENTIONS 1. Beautify and clean up masjid 2. Team work, brotherhood, unity 3. Dawah 4. Work for pleasure of Allah 5. Project management skill development 6. Go green, don’t waste TASKS 1. Get a team together 2. […]

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Tasks: Masjid Makeover

السلام عليكم Please check this page week daily Applications for the 1000 Good Deeds – Masjid Makeover are now open. Please send me and email 1000gooddeeds[at] replace [at] with @ sign. please put your before photos in 1000 Good Deeds – Masjid Makeover as well.. jzk TASK 1 Get buy in for the masjid makeover project from […]

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