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Book has over 100 colourful duas for different occasions.


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About book

Since 2017 we lost many family members and friends. In the middle of 2019 we lost 6 family members in close succession. 3 family members passed away 12 hours apart and another later in the week.  As we were in a state of shock we were looking for ways to deal with our grief.

My cousin Rukshana had a file filled with duas mainly from her late mother, Zubeida Mohamed. She wanted to compile them into a book as useful guide for everyone to enjoy on their journey of life.

Special thanks to Mufti Menk and my teachers for checking the book and Aaeen Alee creative specialist from Pakistan for all his help and guidance regarding the design of this book.

Any funds raised from this book will be donated to the Nanima Foundation

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Dedication from my cousin:
This book is dedicated to both my Parents for their sage advice over the years.

My Dad (Mohamed Shafee Mohamed) who always advised us to start our day with Surah Yaseen.

My mom ( Zubeida Mohamed),  who always sent us the right dua for every situation while growing up when faced with life’s challenges. She instilled in us the importance of placing our trust in the Almighty and establishing a firm bond with Allah.

May we all reunite in Jannatul Firdous.

Allah have mercy on all our Marhoomeen, expand their graves, fill them with light and grant them peace and serenity .


As covid and lockdown we were unable to launch the printed version of this book.

Please complete this interest form so we can see if there is a need for printed version.

Great gifts for weddings, births, sadaqah jaariayh.

For orders over a certain amount we will print dedicated personalised message as part of your copies of the  book.


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