Good Deed: #241 Rectify yourself, Remember Surah Ha Mim

SURA 41. Ha Mim
1. Ha Mim: 2. A Revelation from [Allah], Most Gracious, Most Merciful;-
3. A Book, whereof the verses are explained in detail;- a Qur’an in Arabic, for people who understand;-
4. Giving good news and admonition: yet most of them turn away, and so they hear not.
5. They say: “Our hearts are under veils, [concealed] from that to which thou dost invite us, and in our ears in a deafness, and between us and thee is a screen: so do thou [what thou wilt]; for us, we shall do [what we will!]”
6. Say thou: “I am but a man like you: It is revealed to me by Inspiration, that your Allah is one Allah: so stand true to Him, and ask for His Forgiveness.” And woe to those who join gods with Allah,-
7. Those who practise not regular Charity, and who even deny the Hereafter.
8. For those who believe and work deeds of righteousness is a reward that will never fail.

Surah Ha’mim or Fussilat by Shuraim

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