Good Deed: #238 Solve Stubbornness, Read Surah Sad


SURA 38. Sad
1. Sad: By the Qur’an, Full of Admonition: [This is the Truth]. 2. But the Unbelievers [are steeped] in self-glory and Separatism.
3. How many generations before them did We destroy? In the end they cried [for mercy]- when there was no longer time for being saved!
4. So they wonder that a Warner has come to them from among themselves! and the Unbelievers say, “This is a sorcerer telling lies!
5. “Has he made the gods [all] into one Allah? Truly this is a wonderful thing!”
6. And the leader among them go away [impatiently], [saying], “Walk ye away, and remain constant to your gods! For this is truly a thing designed [against you]!
7. “We never heard [the like] of this among the people of these latter days: this is nothing but a made-up tale!”
8. “What! has the Message been sent to him – [Of all persons] among us?” … but they are in doubt concerning My [Own] Message! Nay, they have not yet tasted My Punishment!
9. Or have they the treasures of the mercy of thy Lord,- the Exalted in Power, the Grantor of Bounties without measure?

Surah Sad (38) – Sheikh Fahd Al Kanderi

Action Plan


1. This surah reveals the meaning, that although you Muslim surrender to Allah’s (SWT) orders and commands, you might do wrong. The question is will you turn back to Him repentantly? Or will you remain arrogant, and insist on your opinion?

2. Going back to the right path without being stubborn:

The surah relates the story of three Messengers who made quick decisions, but they soon realized their mistake. This is one of the most important types of submission to Allah(SWT) because he who is arrogant never surrenders to the right path, and if he finds himself doing wrong he will insist on it. Therefore the surah relates the story of Satan who is the symbol of arrogance.

source:Amr Khaled




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