Good Deed: #225 Discern between Right and Wrong, Read Surah Furqaan-The Criterion

SURA 25. Furqan, or The Criterion
1. Blessed is He who sent down the criterion to His servant, that it may be an admonition to all creatures;-
2. He to whom belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth: no son has He begotten, nor has He a partner in His dominion: it is He who created all things, and ordered them in due proportions.
3. Yet have they taken, besides him, gods that can create nothing but are themselves created; that have no control of hurt or good to themselves; nor can they control death nor life nor resurrection.
4. But the misbelievers say: “Naught is this but a lie which he has forged, and others have helped him at it.” In truth it is they who have put forward an iniquity and a falsehood.
5. And they say: “Tales of the ancients, which he has caused to be written: and they are dictated before him morning and evening.”
6. Say: “The [Qur’an] was sent down by Him who knows the mystery [that is] in the heavens and the earth: verily He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.”

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Action Plan

This surah speaks about the unpleasant fate of those who disbelieve in Allah, His apostle and His book.

1. The kinds of disbelief that the Prophet (SAWS) faced.
2. Warning against the unpleasant fate of disbelief.
3. Support for the Prophet (SAWS) and his companions.
4.. It is called Al-Furqan because it shows through the above-mentioned three ideas how religion and the Qur’an set a clear borderline between right and wrong.
5. This sūrah, a Makkan revelation, appears to aim at comforting the Prophet and giving him solace, reassurance and support as he faced the stubborn rejection, maltreatment, haughty argument and open hostility of the Quraysh idolaters.
6. In one aspect, it shows the divine kindness bestowed by God on His Messenger, dispelling his pain, comforting his heart so that it overflowed with reassurance and showing him an abundance of care and compassion.
7. In another aspect, it portrays the fierce battle against arrogant mortals who stubbornly oppose God’s Messenger, combining falsehood with arrogance, and hostility with a wilful rebuffal of divine guidance.

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