Good Deed: #176 Pay wages on time

2:279 (Yusuf Ali) – Deal not unjustly, and ye shall not be dealt with unjustly.

Abu Hurairah reported that the Messenger of Allah said: The Almighty Allah said : There will be three persons whose opponent I shall become on the Resurrection Day: A man who gave in My name and then broke trust, and a man who sold a free man and enjoyed his price, and a man who engaged a labourer and enjoyed full labour from him but did not pay him his wages. (Bukhari)

Abdullah-b-Umar reported that the Messenger of Allah said: Pay the labourer his wages before his sweat dries up. (Ibn Majah)

Abu Dhar reports that the Holy Prophet said: “They (your slaves or servants) are your brethren, God has placed them under your control; so whoever has his brother under his control should feed him from what he (himself) eats and give him clothes the like of which he (himself) wears; and do not impose on them task which should be too hard for them, and if you impose on them such a task, then help them (in doing it).” (Bukhari, Muslim)

Action plan

Rights of an employee include:

1.that a employee hould be treated as a human being and not as a beast of burden;

2. that dignity and respect should be attached to labour and work;

3. that reasonable wages should be fixed at the time of employment, and

4. that wages should be promptly paid.

5. Do not burden their employees with heavy work which is beyond the physical strength. If the work is heavy and the employee cannot do it, the employer should help him in doing that.

6. If you employee is not well, visit him when he is sick and find out if you can help in anyway with regards to his recovery.

7. The employer and employee should have a contract in place.

8. Pay reasonable wages to an employee to enable him to enjoy a reasonably decent living.

9. the employer and the employee should treat one another as brothers and not as master and servant. They should not wrong each other and show justice and kindness in their relationship.

10. The minimum wage rate in an Islamic society will be determined keeping in view the basic human needs which include food, clothing and house. A worker shall be paid adequate wages so that he can meet expenses on his and his family’s food, clothing and house. He should also be provided for his children’s education and medical treatment of his ownself and his family.

source: fundamentals of Islamic economic system

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