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Applications for the 1000 Good Deeds – Masjid Makeover are now open. Please send me and email 1000gooddeeds[at]gmail.com replace [at] with @ sign. please put your before photos in 1000 Good Deeds – Masjid Makeover as well.. jzk

TASK 1 Get buy in for the masjid makeover project from the imaam of the masjid. Ask permission to take pictures of the masjid. Upload the BEFORE pictures in the Masjid makeover group and start a discussion with your masjid as the heading. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=300873456951&ref=mf

Make a masjid makeover to do list.
Decide on a meeting date and time.
Make a poster.
Ask the imaam to either after Jumah salaah or after a salaah to briefly explain to the musallee what the project is about and invite musallees to join the meeting. (He must stress on the reward being a house in Jannah) 🙂

Visit your local islamic school or madressah and explain to the principal about the masjid makeover project. Find out how the students of the school can play a part in the masjid makeover project. Great to start inculcating these skills in the youth from the start..


Make a budget. Make a T column with income on one side and

expenses on the other side. This will help you to determine what the
cost of cleaning up the masjid is.

TASK 5 -Print, email this poster to others, schools, madressahs, masjids and challenge others to join masjid makeover campaign – Masjid makeover poster

TASK 6- Get some volunteers. Make a spreadsheet with the masjid makeover logo, heading – VOLUNTEERSyour name and contact details. 3 columns name, contact number, emailPrint document and place in the noticeboard Example of spreadsheet
TASK 7 – Find out what needs to be done.Develop a checklist on how to check what needs to be done in a masjid makeover project. Example of maintenance checklist
TASK 8 – Make a list of what is needed for the masjid makeover e.g. paint, cleaning products, cleaning equipment. Print a list and put on noticeboard. Get a money box – place the masjid makeover logo on it. Get a cardboard box and put the masjid makeover logo on it Put near the entrance of the masjid. Ask musalees to donate either, cash, kind or time.

TASK 9 – Make a workbreakdown structure. The idea behind the WBS is simple. You subdivide a complicated task into smaller tasks, until you reach a level that cannot be further subdivided.

TASK 10 – So the masjid is in a sorry state and really needs a big makeover. Raise funds for it. Remember money collected is a trust to you so deal with it responsibly. What are you fundraising ideas?
Visit the 1000 Good Deeds – Masjid Makeover group daily



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