Good Deed:#66 Visit Jannatul Baqi

  • A’isha reported (that whenever it was her turn for Allah’s Messenger [may peace be upon him] to spend the night with her) he would go out towards the end of the night to al-baqi’ and say: Peace be upon you, abode of a people who are believers. What you were promised would come to you tomorrow, you receiving it after some delay; and God willing we shall join you. O Allah, grant forgiveness to the inhabitants of baqi’ al-Gharqad. Qutaiba did not mention his words:” would come to you”. (Sahih Muslim, Book #004, Hadith #2126)
  • Prophet(SAW)  said “Do you see this graveyard (referring to Baqi Al Gharqad)? Seventy thousand will be resurrected from it on the Day of Judgment looking like a shining full moon. They will enter Jannah without reckoning”
  • The Prophet(SAW) said: Whomsoever from you is able to die in Madina, then let him do so, for I shall testify for those who died therein (Sunan ibn Majah hadith 3112)
  • Umar(RA) said: O Allah! Grant me martyrdom in Your cause, and let my death be in the city of Your Apostle(SAW) (Bukhari:1890)

source of hadith on baqi

Jannatul Baqi – Madinah

Action Plan

1. Men should visit Jannatul Baqee. They should say: “Al-salaamu ‘alaykum ahl al-diyaar min al-mu’mineen wa’l-muslimeen, wa innaa in sha Allaah bikum laahiqoon. Yarham Allaah al-mustaqdimeena mina wa minkum wa’l-musta’khireen. Nas’al Allaah lana wa lakum al-‘aafiyah. Allaahumma la tahrimna ajrahum wa la taftinna ba’dahum waghfir lana wa lahum

(Peace be upon you, O dwellers of these abodes, believers and Muslims. We will, when Allaah wills, join you. May Allaah have mercy on those who were first (to die) and those who were last. We ask Allaah to grant salvation to us and you. O Allaah, deprive us not of reward (similar to theirs) and lead us not astray after they are gone; forgive us and them).”

Source: visiting the prophet’s(SAW) mosque

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