Good Deed: #365 – Eat halaal food

2:173 He hath forbidden you only carrion, and blood, and
swineflesh, and that which hath been immolated to (the name of) any other than Allah. But he who is driven by necessity, neither craving nor transgressing, it is no sin for him. Lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. Surah: Al-Baqara

5:4 They ask thee (O Muhammad) what is made lawful for them. Say: (all) good things are made lawful for you. And those beasts and birds of prey which ye have trained as hounds are trained, ye teach them that which Allah taught you; so eat of that which they catch for you and mention Allah´s name upon it, and observe your duty to Allah. Lo! Allah is swift to take account. Surah: Al-Ma’ida

5:5 This day are (all) good things made lawful for you. The
food of those who have received the Scripture is lawful for
you, and your food is lawful for them. And so are the virtuous women of the believers and the virtuous women of those who received the Scripture before you (lawful for you) when ye givethem their marriage portions and live with them in honour, not in fornication, nor taking them as secret concubines. Whoso denieth the faith, his work is vain and he will be among the losers in the Hereafter. Surah: Al-Ma’ida

6:121 And eat not of that whereon Allah´s name hath not been
mentioned, for lo! it is abomination. Lo! the devils do inspire
their minions to dispute with you. But if ye obey them, ye will
be in truth idolaters. Surah: Al-An’am

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