After Masjid Makeover: Grasmere South Africa


In February 2010 we challenged the world to clean up their masjids and started the Masjid Makeover Challenge. here is our attempt at the Masjid Makeover.



February 2012



February 2011

Alhamdulillah we have completed our Masjid Makeover in Grasmere South Africa. JazakaAllah to all those that have donated generously to make this possible. May Allah reward you with that house in Jannah, InshaAllah

Work done on the Masjid
1. Masjid painted inside and outside
2. Roof fixed, painted
3. Gutters installed for whole centre
4. Boarding rooms painted inside and outside
5. Dining Hall painted
6. Grade R building painted inside and outside
7. House and administration building painted

Empowerment Projects

Alhamdulillah I am so happy to see that finally a masjid is becoming the beating heart of the community. At Tawheed Centre plan to start many empowerment projects at the centre. They plan on reviving their sewing project, starting a baking project and a computer literacy project. Since everyone donated so generously, Alhamdulillah, we have decided to use the remainder of the funds to purchase sewing machines for the centre. We have managed to purchase 6 sewing machines for the centre.

To see the state of the sewing room currently

June 2011 – Sewing Room

I visited Grasmere masjid this weekend and alhamdulillah it is really coming together really nicely. The beating heart of that community inshaAllah. We managed to organise some computers for the centre. Here is the videos of the sewing room.


July 2011- Computer Room

A businessman from Mpumulanaga and other generous donors donated some computers for the Grasmere Masjid Computer centre. The computers were refurbished. Now we are looking for volunteers to teach computers to the ladies during the week in the morning and afternoons and to teach the youngsters on weekends. Any volunteers from Lenasia, Roshnee, Lenasia south or anywhere in Johannesburg willing to help?



Clue: Good Deed: #39 Clean a masjid and  Good Deed: #38 Build a masjid


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