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reward for cleaning masjid

  • 9:108 (Y. Ali) Never stand thou forth therein. There is a masjid whose foundation was laid from the first day on piety; it is more worthy of the standing forth (for prayer) therein. In it are men who love to be purified; and Allah loveth those who make themselves pure.
  • The Blessed Prophet(SAW) said, “Whosoever removes adhaa (anything repulsiveor harmful) from the masjid, Allah will make a house for him in Jannah.” (ibn majah)
  • The Blessed Prophet (SAW) once saw phlegm on the wall of the masjid. His face became red with anger. A woman amongst the Ansaar came, removed it, and replaced it with incense.
  • Abu Hurairah narrated that: “A man or a woman used to clean the mosque.” (Most probably a woman according to a sub-narrator). According to another hadith, the Prophet offered her funeral prayer at her grave. [Sahih al-Bukhari: Vol. 1, #450]
  • The Prophet (S) passed by a grave and asked his companions about it. His companions replied it is the grave of Umm Muhjan. The Prophet (S) rebuked them because they did not inform him of her death and then prayed the funeral prayer over her. He then said: ‘Why did you not inform me?’ They replied- you were sleeping and we did not like to wake you’. The Prophet prayed for her and had great respect for her as she used to spend her efforts in cleaning the house of Allah and the Prophet’s masjid.” (Related by Muslim)
  • Abu Malik at-Ash’ari Radi Allah Anhu) reported: The Messenger of Allah (sal-allahu- alleihi-wasallam ) said: Cleanliness is half of faith

Golden masjid clean up by Young Moro Professionals Network

Action plan

1.The masjid is the house of Allah. Ensure it is spotless. It is a place of dawah as well and first impressions last.  Please always keep it clean and tidy especially the ablution areas and the toilets. If you mess water clean up the spillage.

2. Hire someone to maintain cleanliness in the masjid, their job description should be to ensure the masjid is clean and tidy before and after salaah. Donate towards the cleaners salary.

3.  If you see any obstacles, dirt etc in the masjid pick up or clean it and Allah will reward you with a house in jannah.

4. When entering masjid put shoes neatly and don’t throw them all over the place. Put in shoe racks.

5.  Start a clean up committee and get volunteers to clean up masjid weekly and do a good spring clean of the masjid monthly. Set up a meeting with current cleaners and trustees of the masjid and inform them about your intentions. Find out what the cleaning needs are. Have a plan and create a schedule.Allocate a day or salaah for members to be in charge to ensure the masjid is clean. Do a needs analysis.

6. Put posters in and around the masjid as reminders of being clean, not wasting water etc.

7. Smoking is a bad habit but if you insist to smoke in front of the masjid, throw the cigarette buds in a bin.

8. If you are gum chewer please discard it properly or swallow it.

9. Parents if you bringing children to the masjid ensure they well behaved. If they mess up the walls and untidy the place. Clean up or ensure they clean up before you leave.

10. Please try not to eat and drink in the masjid unless it is iftar. Clean up after yourself. If you spill or mess clean up before you leave.

11. If possible make wudu and use the toilet at home before you come to the masjid.  If it is an emergency and you have to use the toilet at the masjid please remember cleanliness is half of faith.

12. If you changing baby diapers don’t change it in the prayer area. Try and ask the trustees to install baby changing area in the bathroom. Don’t leave diapers laying around. Best is to carry diaper waste bags with you and dispose of the diaper at home or in the outside bin of the masjid.

13.  Volunteer to clean your local masjid and make a difference.

14. When entering masjid ensure your shoes, socks, clothes, breath etc are all clean. If it rains or snows and shoes are muddy make sure shoes are clean before entering masjid premises.

15. Encourage recycling at the masjid

16. Make the masjid eco friendly and save electricity.

17. Save water and organise for a borehole to be installed at the masjid and use for ablution etc. don’t waste water while cleaning the masjid.

18. Use green products to clean masjid – some project green masjid clean recipes

19. Masjid Makeover tasks

  • Donate cleaning agents and equipment
  • Donate vaccum cleaner
  • Clean ablution facility
  • Clean toilets and bathroom
  • Dust window sills, ceilings, ceiling fans
  • Vacuum carpets
  • Laundry of towels, scarfs, burkhas and thobes
  • Ensure there is toilet paper in the toilets
  • Clean windows
  • Sweep courtyard
  • Maintain garden, cut grass and rake/sweep leaves.
  • Ensure sufficient garbage cans around
  • Repair broken things
  • Wash and freshen carpets
  • Arrange books and qurans
  • Ensure there is pest control against rodents etc.
  • Unblock drains and gutters
  • Ensure all taps are working properly and there are no leaks.
  • Paint and repair broken walls
  • Replace the prayer mats
  • Install garbage bins
  • deodorize carpets regularly
  • Install shoe racks
  • Install recycling bins
  • Clean noticeboard

20. Encourage preservation of water especially during ablution.  Install auto wudu washers

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